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[IDD #ZUW-135633]: Cannot receive message via LDM

Hi Jule,

> For years, LDM server has been providing a product EXP
> cemvk.nws.morn to our LDM server daily which we forward
> on to the NWS.
> With no known system or configuration changes, we stopped receiving the
> product after 01Mar.  We cannot figure out the problem.
> Can you assist?

Yes, we can help troubleshoot.

Some questions:

- is the LDM running on controlled by you?

  If yes, then I will interpret your comment that "no known system or 
  changes" applies to both the upstream ( and downstream
  ( machines/LDMs.

  If not, how do you know that there were _no_ changes to the setup

- the output from the 'notifyme' invocation that you ran on
  seems to indicate that there are no EXP products being added to the
  LDM queue on

  It would indicate that no EXP products are being added if the clocks
  on both the upstream and downstream machines are synchronized.  If they
  are not, then 'notifyme' could run for a long time before it showed
  any products being inserted into the LDM queue on
  How can this happen?  If the clock on the downstream is, say, an
  hour ahead of the clock on the upstream, then the 'notifyme' invocation
  will be asking for products that are one hour in the future.  To test
  this include the '-o' flag on the 'notifyme' invocation with a sufficiently
  large value, it should sidestep clocks that are not synchronized.

  For instance:

notifyme -vl- -f EXP -h -o 100000000

- another possibility is that the feed type for the product you are
  wanting somehow got changed

  To test this, change the feed from EXP to ANY.


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