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Hi Alex,

> You really are the man, we got this running in production now.


> I had a quick question about the queue.
> Oct 20 17:26:46 pqcat INFO:       6376 20151020171102.054     EXP 000  
> 20151020171015398-0000.DE_NOAA_BUFR_5MIN.2332316.bufrdata.bufr4
> Oct 20 17:26:46 pqcat INFO:       8296 20151020171601.118     EXP 000  
> 20151020171516122-0000.DE_NOAA_BUFR_5MIN.2332361.bufrdata.bufr4
> Oct 20 17:26:46 pqcat INFO:       8584 20151020172101.176     EXP 000  
> 20151020172016988-0000.DE_NOAA_BUFR_5MIN.2332411.bufrdata.bufr4
> Oct 20 17:26:46 pqcat INFO:       5272 20151020172601.253     EXP 000  
> 20151020172515307-0000.DE_NOAA_BUFR_5MIN.2332462.bufrdata.bufr4
> Oct 20 17:26:46 pqcat NOTE: Exiting
> Oct 20 17:26:46 pqcat NOTE: Number of products 1132
> Is there any need to remove things from the queue? Clean up type process?

No.  Older products will be automatically deleted from the queue to make
space for new products.  The one thing that you will need to evaluate is
how large to make your queue as the size of the queue will determine
the number and sizes of products that can be put into the queue, and this,
in turn, will set the "elasticity" of your distribution (the queue acts
as a buffer that allows one or more downstreams sites to be taken off
line for short periods and then brought back up without loss of data).

> Will this cause any harm (memory leaks) anything of that nature to leave it?

No.  The LDM is a well vetted system that has been in use for more than
two decades, so problems like memory leaks have been found and fixed
for many, many years.


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