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[IDD #PSQ-892404]: MRMS stream available?

Hi Art,

> I've heard that some folks are feeding the MRMS gribs via an EXP feed...

OK.  They are probably REQUESTing the EXP feed from an NSSL LDM server.

> is it possible for
> us to do this,

Point to point feeds are up to the site source and those wanting the data.

> and if so how would we go about connecting?

Good question.  I think that some Google (tm) searches may show who needs
to be contacted to get the feed.

> Will this be rolled out as a standard IDD feed at some point in the future?

Actually, I think that NSSL is feeding several sites (but I can't say who they
are), so it might already be a "standard" IDD feed.  If, however, you are
asking if an LDM feed type will be assigned to the MRMS stream, then that
would be hard (at the moment) given the paucity of LDM feed types (but
I keep lobbying for an expansion of the feed type field in the LDM).

> Thanks... 

No worries.


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