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[IDD #GYB-936146]: NEXRAD2 feed

Hi Pat,

> I put my pqact.conf in that same path:
> http://weather.missouri.edu/People/market/ldm/

Oops, I didn't notice that before.  My bad...

> I am processing Level II data now, but I haven't tried to look
> at it yet.  All the same it does seem to be about the right size,
> and going into the right spot.

I see that your pqact.conf file has Chiz's original 2 actions to
reconstitute Level II volume scans.  This will work OK as long as
the pieces of the volume scan are received in order, and if the
first and last piece are received.  If the pieces are received
out of order things will likely be "funky".

> We may want to look at this python approach you mentioned.


> And if I haven't said it yet, thanks for all of your help!

No worries.  We're glad to help when we can :-)


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