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[IDD #GYB-936146]: NEXRAD2 feed

Hi Pat,

> No, in the pqact.conf file.

OK.  I haven't seen your pattern-action file(s), so I can't comment
on it/them.

> It looks like there is a line to decode, and another line, perhaps
> to do the reassembly you mentioned.

It could be that you have an old GEMPAK procedure to reassemble NEXRAD
Level II volume scans from pieces.  That two-line procedure worked OK
when one could assume that the pieces of a volume scan would be received
in order.  Since there is no guarantee that this will be the case, the
procedure needs to be quite a bit more involved in order to do a good/complete
job of reconstitution.  We had created a procedure that used a couple of
Perl scripts, but we learned recently that this wasn't doing a good
enough job; lots of volume scans were being thrown away when they weren't
complete.  A new procedure using a python script developed by Ryan
(Ryan May, one of our THREDDS developers) is doing a much better job,
and we are changing our processing to use it.


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