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[IDD #LOP-532551]: IDD Eligibility

> To whom it may concern,

Hi Brandon, 

> From what I've found through my searching online, the Unidata IDD seems to
> be the most popular and effective method for the timely delivery of a wide
> range of meteorological data. However, also from what I've found, it seems
> to only be openly available to university organizations. I figured It would
> be best to contact someone at Unidata directly to make sure.

Yes, all of the above is correct :)

> My name is Brandon Schmidt and I own and operate the WilmingtonWx.com
> website. I provide high quality GRLevelX placefiles to thousands of users -
> including many within NOAA itself - and I'm quickly outgrowing my current
> means of data retrieval (directly through the NWS public HTTP site).
> Additionally, I'm a licensed reseller of USPLN lightning data which is
> fully compatible with LDM delivery. In addition to just GRLevelX
> placefiles, I also run my own custom WRF-NMM model and am looking to expand
> image processing with the operational models.

Sounds like a fun shop!

> What initially drove me to inquire were the MRMS datasets but various
> others would also be of use. Datasets I would be interested in are NOAA
> text products, NCEP model GRIB files, NEXRAD files, lightning files,
> satellite images, and NSSL MRMS GRIB files.
> I would very much appreciate acceptance into this network and it would
> immensely improve the scope into which I can expand my site for both public
> and NWS users.

We cannot serve the .com space, if we feed one we would need to feed them all, 
and we do not have the resources
to scale up to that effort.

There are a couple of options available to you:

1) Find a university that is willing to partner with you and "feed" the 
non-proprietary feeds to you. This
is allowed and currently being done. We can even assist you to find a willing 
university if you choose to go down this path.

2) Install your own NOAAPort ingest dish, you can freely use our ingest 

3) Work with Unidata in a "quid pro quo" relationship. If there is a 
demonstrable benefit that is being
created/generated by you ( i.e. value added data products that our community 
would be able to benefit from, novel datasets, etc..) and be inserted back into 
the LDM/IDD for the community.

> Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to a response - Brandon
Hope this helps, 

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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