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[IDD #JQP-457637]: UCAR upstream LDM that I could connect to?

Hi Tom,

I drove your inquiry into our IDD support department for response as
requests for data feeds is not really an LDM question...

> Thanks for hosting a very informative workshop a few weeks ago.

I will relay the sentiment to Steve.

> I have now
> installed LDM 6.12.14 and would like to test it with some data like we did
> in the workshop. In the workshop we added these lines to the ldmd.conf file:
> REQUEST IDS|DDPLUS     .*      workshop00.fl-guest.ucar.edu
> REQUEST NEXRAD3        .*      workshop00.fl-guest.ucar.edu
> Is there ucar server on the internet that I could connect to for sample data?

Ordinarily, we do not feed non-'.edu' users unless there is a measurable benefit
to the Unidata community at-large for providing this service.  In this case, we
are willing to setup a _temporary_ ALLOW so that you can REQUEST data from our
top level IDD relay cluster, idd.unidata.ucar.edu.  We will leave this ALLOW
active for enough time for you to run your testing.

> Our local IP addresses are 158.147.168.x

We need the specific, external IP address for the Harris machine on
which the LDM will be REQUESTing data from idd.unidata.ucar.edu.  We
are not willing to setup blanket ALLOWs for any machine in the
158.147.168.x subnet.


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