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20150516: Nexrad 2: idd.unidata.ucar.edu Access

Hi James,

>Hi, I'm with the ERC (Education and Research Consortium of the Western Caro=
>linas) We're one of the top tier level 2 providers. We're currently have dr=
>astic latency issues with both of our upstream. Anywhere from 10-20 minute =
>latency of data on one and 40 minute latency of data on the other. Unfortun=
>ately there's not much we can do about the upstream issues until Monday mor=
>ning. It was suggested to us that we may have access to the idd.unidata.ica=
>r.edu ldm server that could be used temporarily until we can speak to the p=
>eople incharge of our upstream ldm servers on Monday. It appears we have ar=
>e allowed to pull from the server, but just want to make sure it's alright =
>we do so. My Boss Hunter Goosmann said if any sort of payment is required t=
>o do this just speak with him. It's extremely urgent we get our latency iss=
>ues resolved as we have a number of customers currently effected by this is=
>sue as well.

nws-ldm[12].hpcc.ercbroadband.org are both ALLOWed to REQUEST NEXRAD2
from idd.unidata.ucar.edu AND are both already making REQUESTs for this and
other feeds.  This should indicate that the latecnies you are experiencing
are either caused by the connection(s) to the NWS top level sites,
or by network issues close to your location.

Latencies we are seeing for the times of your high latencies
strongly suggest that the problem is at or close to the NWS top level
source machines.

I hope that this helps...


Tom Yoksas
Unidata User Support
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