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[IDD #PZS-945807]: HRRR data on IDD/LDM

Hi Marcelo, 

> Hi Jeff
> Thank you for following up on this
> 1) Since we need to use LDM at Stampede computer, and we are basically
> replicating the work at Azure, I thought that we may use LDM there too.
> However for the summer institute we may want to use THREDDS to make it
> easier for student to access and see the data without doing what we are
> doing here now. So I guess the answer is both options, LDM and THREDDS,
> would be really nice.
> 2) The Ip of the machine I am working at AZURE is

OK, there does not appear to be any DNS service on this machine, we can 
hardwire the IP into our etc/hosts file....

> 3) I would like to test this as soon as possible, I have never used LDM
> before so the sooner I learn how to set this up, the better for the
> project, so Friday is great.

I am getting the IP added to our cluster and will have a sample request line 
for the .5 degree GFS
this afternoon....and then we can test ingest of the data :)

> Thank you
> Marcelo


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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