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[IDD #TEN-801918]: GEMPAK decoding assistance request

> Good afternoon!
Hi Kevin,

> It looks like I need to do some GEMPAK decoding on the NEXRAD2
> data I am streaming. I am running ldm-6.12.7 and make didn't
> auto-magically build the gempak subdirectory,

Just to be clear, GEMPAK (aka NAWIPS) is a separate package that
we make available.  Installation of the LDM does not automatically
build/install/configure packages other than itself and, if 'configure'
flags are appropriately set, 'gribinsert' and NOAAPort ingest.

thus my decoders directory is empty.

If you want to run GEMPAK decoders, you need to:

- download, build and install GEMPAK

  This is best done as a 'gempak' user and in a GEMPAK-specific directory
  like /home/gempak.

- copy the GEMPAK decoders that were built to a directory (typically 
  that is in the PATH of the LDM user (typically 'ldm')

> Is there a suggested method to build gempak and get it installed in the
> correct directory?

Yes.  Download and build GEMPAK according to the instructions that are listed
in our GEMPAK pages.

> (I tried make in the gempak directory and it looks like all that got
> created was a library file.)

If you are having problems building GEMPAK, please open a new GEMPAK-specific
inquiry by sending an email to address@hidden.  We will try
to guide through the GEMPAK build and installation process.

> What would a well-formed pqact.conf config line look like for a
> NEXRAD2 gempak pipeline?

The GEMPAK distribution contains an example LDM pattern-action file action
that will concatenate the NEXRAD level 2 pieces into a single file.
I must caution you, however, that the simple GEMPAK processing example
implicitly assumes that the pieces of a full volume scan for a site
will be received in order.  Since the method used by the NWS to distribute
NEXRAD 2 data does not guarantee that the pieces for any volume scan
for a radar will be in order, additional care attention must be placed
on how the pieces are reassembled into a complete volume scan.  We
can broach this subject in detail after you have successfully built
and installed the latest release of GEMPAK.

> Thank you.

No worries.


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