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[IDD #QEG-718696]: CMC GEM Feed Down (fwd)

Hi Tom,

> Well, it would be nice to get a response at some point.  Thanks.

I apologize for someone not getting back to you before now!  The
person would normally respond to GEM-related issues has been out
of the office.


- who are you REQUESTing the GEM feed from?

I ask because our top level IDD relay cluster, idd.unidata.ucar.edu,
is getting (at least some) data on the GEM feed:

Unidata HomePage

  Data -> IDD Operational Status

    Statistics by Host

      uni19.unidata.ucar.edu [6.12.0] (the real server backend that is 
servicing REQUESTs from sun1.envsci.rutgers.edu)

      GEM volume

The question is if the volume we are receiving and relaying represents all
of the data that should be in the GEM feed.  If it is not, we will need
to contact the Canadian Meteorological Center (CMC) folks and get them
to troubleshoot their setup.


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