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[IDD #CSG-448538]: Re: NGRID NAM218 3 hourly output file

Hi Sen,

> Sorry to bug you again on this issue.  The NAM218 has every 3-hour output,
> but the current pqact.conf setting is to save all individual files (i.e.,
> 3hourly output files) to one big grib file. Please let me know the command
> line to save it as individual files.

I just logged onto titan and notice that the 'pqact' pattern-action file
that seems to contain the action(s) for processing the NAM218 data


was modified this morning at 5:44 am.  Since your inquiry email has a timestamp
of 9:35 MDT, I am assuming that whatever change made to pqact.grb2_conf
is not doing what you want, and you would like me to change it to "save it
as individual files".  Am I correct?

If I am correct, I need to know what you really mean by "save it as individual
files".  Do you want each grib2 message saved into an individual file, or
do you want all grib2 messages for a model run time to be saved to a single
file; I suspect that you want the former, not the latter.

If you want individual grib2 messages saved to individual files, how do you
want them arranged?  What I mean, is do you want a separate subdirectory
for each model run date and time?  Or, do you want all of the individual
grib2 messages written to a single directory?  I would suggest that organizing
the grib2 messages (which might be numerous) by date/time subdirectories
would be easier for a person to look through.

Basically, I need a high level view of how the individual grib2 messages
will be used before crafting a pattern-action file action that will\
process them.


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