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[IDD #BSU-660201]: Sending partial NOAAport feed to UNIDATA

Hi Gilbert,

> Well, since they got rid of my satellite dish went bye-bye at my $DAYJOB at
> a certain university, the Novra receiver has gone to Oklahoma City, OK.

Hmm...  I thought you sent out a note that your NOAAPort satellite
ingest setup at NIU was going to be resurrected.  Am I remembering
incorrectly, or has there been additional intrigue afoot?

> There, it now receives the feed from two satellite dishes now under the
> control of AllisonHouse.

Just curious: how can what I assume was NIU property be given to a private

> Currently, we have a 3.8 meter dish with a 100' cable run of RG-11 cable
> (except for a 6' jumper to a ground block on the roof---that will be
> replaced on 6/11/14; it currently has RG-6 cable now).
> We also have a Norsat 3220 LNB, the Novra box, and a fast server as our
> ingester.
> We peaked the dish last week; it is used, but in excellent condition (like
> new); we took it over when another company abandoned it.

I love "found items", 'cause free is my favorite price ;-)

> In any case, our signal is very good:
> http://bird01.allisonhouse.com:8025
> And we have lost only 100 packets over the last 4 days, and none the 3 days
> before that! With this in mind, I talked it over with my supervisors, Ryan
> Hickman and Tyler Allison, about giving back to the community by offering
> you our NOAAPort feed. Sadly, our budget does not allow us to give you the
> entire feed at the present time, but we can do everything but HDS and


> I don't know what NOTHER is:

More or less a place holder... for now but not forever.

> http://rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/rtstats/siteindex?bird01.allisonhouse.com
> Anyway, I know you'd really want the full feed, but I'm wondering if you
> could still find this useful. Thanks!

I think that this might could be useful in the fully-redundant IDD context.
If OU was still acting as a major relay of data (they are not at the
moment), then I would approach them to see if they were interested in
adding the feed REQUEST(s) to their primary LDM/IDD machine.  Since they
are not much of a relay anymore (I have to check to make sure that I
am not incorrect in this view!), the best place to setup the REQUEST(s)
would be TAMU.  I will contact TAMU folks to see if this can be added
to their list of activities (I have access to the frontends for their
IDD relay cluster, but it would be bad form to simply go ahead and
add the REQUEST(s) myself).

Thanks for the offer guys!


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