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[IDD #JUO-658551]: Upstream Data Files

Hi Brett,

> We are in the process of building a new LDM system as the old machine
> was administered by someone else and it has crashed.  We need to get
> the Upstream data info as well as setup our new hostname of the new
> machine.  Here is the information that I have
> Name of Site: University of Kansas department of Geography
> LDM Administrator(s):
> Name:         Brett Counley, Mel Kroeger
> Phone Number: 785-691-6659, 785-691-6983
> Email:        address@hidden, address@hidden
> HostName:     GEOPRDLDMAP.cc.ku.edu

OK.  Some informational comments:

- the combination of PPS, DDS, HDS and IDS is the 'IDS|DDPLUS'

- I think you meant FNEXRAD, not FNEXRAS

- LIGHTNING data is only available as point-to-point feeds from the
  sites that make the data available: UAlbany for NLDN and WSI Corp.
  (now known as the Weather Company) for the USPLN data

- I don't think you want the NTEXT or NGRAPH data

- NXRDSRC is the same as NEXRAD2

- if you get all of the data in all of the feeds listed, you would be
  receiving a LOT of data

  To illustrate this, here is a snapshot from one of the real server
  backend machines for the top level IDD relay cluster that we operate
  here in UCAR:

Data Volume Summary for uni14.unidata.ucar.edu

Maximum hourly volume  18499.555 M bytes/hour
Average hourly volume  10921.576 M bytes/hour

Average products per hour     242344 prods/hour

Feed                           Average             Maximum     Products
                     (M byte/hour)            (M byte/hour)   number/hour
NEXRAD2                4064.909    [ 37.219%]     6030.455    53969.458
NEXRAD3                1520.879    [ 13.925%]     2053.291    82175.771
NGRID                  1447.291    [ 13.252%]     2357.925    21488.396
FNMOC                  1116.387    [ 10.222%]     6361.814     2979.250
FSL2                   1108.333    [ 10.148%]     1666.701     1359.292
CONDUIT                 856.040    [  7.838%]     2242.211    18450.438
HDS                     359.127    [  3.288%]      641.294    18270.521
NIMAGE                  168.809    [  1.546%]      352.652      195.167
GEM                      84.778    [  0.776%]      453.735      836.667
FNEXRAD                  60.962    [  0.558%]      110.960       50.125
IDS|DDPLUS               52.388    [  0.480%]       61.252    41860.188
UNIWISC                  42.823    [  0.392%]      100.604       22.667
EXP                      34.751    [  0.318%]       89.568      335.042
DIFAX                     3.274    [  0.030%]       12.060        4.958
LIGHTNING                 0.677    [  0.006%]        2.216      344.667
GPS                       0.148    [  0.001%]        1.744        1.167


- I will update our LDM/IDD contact list with the information you provided above

- I just verified that your new machine has both forward and reverse DNS

  This means that you should be ready to go as soon as the LDM/IDD 
  for the machine(s) that you REQUEST data from are alerted to update their
  LDM ALLOW configurations to allow you to REQUEST the data you want.

  At some time in the past, you were getting LDM/IDD feeds from Iowa State.
  The Iowa State that relays IDD data is now metfs1.agron.iastate.edu.

  Other sites that you can REQUEST data from are:

  idd.tamu.edu            - Texas A&M
  idd.meteo.psu.edu       - Penn State
  idd.unl.edu             - UNebraska at Lincoln
  idd.unidata.ucar.edu    - UCAR/Unidata

  These sites should now ALLOW your feed REQUEST(s).  You should test to make
  sure that this is the case by, for example:

  <as 'ldm' on geoprdldmap.cc.ku.edu>
  notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h idd.tamu.edu

Please let us know if/when you have any questions...


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