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[IDD #TRW-898526]: LDM setup

Hi Russell,

> I have just completed setup of ldm on a new server. I am used to
> maintaining ldm but this is the first time I have set it up from
> scratch. I got it up, and configured, but receiving data.

?? "but receiving data"...

- do you mean that you are not receiving data with this new LDM but
  you were with the previous installation?

- if yes, what machine(s) was your previous LDM installation REQUESTing
  data from?

  It would be easiest if you sent us your ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file.  By
  reviewing it we can easily determine who you are trying to REQUEST
  a feed/feeds from.

- it would help if you could let us know if the LDM installation is on
  a new machine, or if it is an update of the LDM on an existing machine

  This will help us understand if the problem is related to the LDM
  installation (build, install, configure) or if the problem is that
  the new machine is not ALLOWed by the upstream that the previous
  LDM was REQUESTing from.

> * HWind Scientific
> * LDM administrator
> o Russell St.Fleur
> o 305-323-6323
> o address@hidden
> * IP address
> * Desiredfeedtypes: FSL5, WMO, NOGAPS

Some comments:

- it is easiest for upstream sites when downstream to be fed have both
  forward and reverse DNS

  There is no reverse DNS (IP -> name) for your machine

- the FSL5 feed is only available from NOAA/GSD

> Russell St.Fleur


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