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[IDD #VRK-635010]: idd data

Hi Marck,

> I did the changes but cant find the file dclogrotate.csh on gempak.

It is in /home/gempak/NAWIPS/bin.  Not to worry, I copied it to the
~ldm/util directory; edited it; and added an entry to run it in cron.

> I have supposedly changed the permissions' but with no luck.


> Our expert in linux at the Met .Office is on vacation till december 2.
> So if you can ssh it will be appreciated.

I logged in right after seeing your note.  I made a number of changes
some of which were fundamental.  I don't have time right now to detail
what I did (have work to do around the house), but I will let you know
in an extended email later.

As I close this short reply, I can say that it appears that things
are now working correctly.  I will need to login later to make sure
that I did not overlook something.

More later...


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