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[IDD #VRK-635010]: idd data

Hi Marck,

> I did the proposed changes, but to no avail.
> The same error pops up in the log file.


> I did create a /home/ldm/decoders directory and a /home/ldm/util directory.
> The /home/ldm/decoders has the gempak decoders.
> The /home/ldm/util is empty since I don't know the usage of it.

The ~ldm/util directory is where one typically puts scripts that are used
by 'ldm'.  One such script will be 'dclogrotate.csh'; this is used to
rotate the GEMPAL decoder log files that will get written in the
~ldm/data/gempak/logs directory.  This will need to be setup in cron.

> I have switch the pswd back to the old one temporarily, so feel free to ssh.

OK, I SSHed into the machine and made several changes, one of which
was to delete all of the files that you had copied into the 
~ldm/decoders directory.  I did this because I was going to copy over
the actual decoders from the /home/gempak/NAWIPS/os/linux64/bin directory.
The problem I ran into is that /home/gempak/NAWIPS/os is not readable
by the user 'ldm'.  Please set the read/write/execute permissions in
the /home/gempak/NAWIPS/os, /home/gempak/NAWIPS/os/linux64 and
/home/gempak/NAWIPS/os/linux64/bin directories so that 'ldm' can
use the directories.  I would have done this for you, but the password
for 'root' has been changed, and 'ldm' is not in the sudoers list.

The other changes I made were in the ~ldm/etc/registry.xml file.
Here are the current settings:

    <netstat-command>/bin/netstat -A inet -t -n</netstat-command>
    <top-command>/usr/bin/top -b -n 1</top-command>

The changes should allow the LDM to execute GEMPAK decoders
referenced relatively (e.g., decoders/dcmetr, etc.) from
GEMPAK pattern-action file actions.  They are not working
now since I deleted all of the files copied to ~ldm/decoders
thinking that I could simply copy the GEMPAK decoders from
the GEMPAK installation bin (/home/gempak/NAWIPS/os/linux64/bin)
directory, but, as I mentioned up above, 'ldm' can not access
that directory.

> We are using bash.

The other change I made was in ~ldm/.bash_profile: I changed the
order of directories in the PATH setting to put the LDM directories
($HOME/bin, $HOME/decoders and $HOME/util) at the end of PATH,
not at the beginning.  It is always a good idea to put user-installed
software directories after system directories in one's PATH.

So, the thing that needs to be done now is:

- copy the GEMPAK decoders (/home/gempak/NAWIPS/os/linux64/bin/dc*)
  to the ~ldm/decoders directory AND make sure that 'ldm' owns the
  copied files AND they have execute permission

- change the read/write/execute permissions on three GEMPAK directories
  (listed above; the first one is /home/gempak/NAWIPS/os ...) so that
  'ldm' can read and execute files in the directories

- copy the GEMPAK log rotate script, dclogrotate.csh, to the
  ~ldm/util directory and edit it to make sure that it correctly
  sources the GEMPAK environment file, Gemenviron.profile

  I would have done this for you, but 'ldm' can not read the
  /home/gempak/NAWIPS/bin directory.

- restart the LDM

- check the LDM log file to make sure that things are working


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