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[IDD #VRK-635010]: idd data

Hi Marck,

re: add a feed of model output to your LDM feed REQUESTs?

> Let's try NGRID, since it uses less space, but will it still work
> though after November 13 when NOAA stops grib1?

The model fields in the NGRID feed are in GRIB2 format, not GRIB1,
so there should be no impact.  What will happen with the model fields
in the HDS feed is, however, a good question.

> The following grid #'s cover Aruba Grid #2,3,104,202,201,205,213.

OK.  I will try to fashion a REQUEST for just these fields and
add the REQUEST to the LDM configuration file, ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf
(my first attempt at doing this does not seem to be successful,
so I need to revisit it).


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