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[LDM #IOY-903750]: Not receiving data on LDM

Hi Arturo,

> I am receiving data from idd.tamu.edu but this morning when I started the LDM 
> there is
> no data coming in. Is there a chance the server is down?

You can best determine this as follows:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmping idd.tamu.edu


notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h idd.tamu.edu

Both 'ldmping' and 'notifyme' will indicate if the server being contacted is
available; negative results indicates that the LDM on the upstream machine
is either not running or is denying your connections.

I just ran a 'notifyme' to idd.tamu.edu from my workstation here in Unidata,
and I see that it is responding with no problems.

If your 'notifyme' invocation to idd.tamu.edu works and you are still
not receiving data, I would check to make sure that your system clock
is correct.  If the indicated time on your machine is off by over an
hour in the future, your feed REQUEST will not result in data being
transferred until the time interval in the REQUEST (which is one hour)
is met.  The reason for this is that the default REQUEST sent to an
upstream says to give me data for the past hour using your system
clock time.  If your clock is more than one hour in the future, then
the REQUEST will basically be asking for data that is in the future.

> I have not made any changes to configuration files.


> Thank you very much


- what is the name of your machine that is running an LDM?

  I ask because we see no real-time statistics from any machine
  in the tamiu.edu domain.  If your machine was reporting real-time
  statistics, we could see if its clock was set correctly.


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