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Re: Introduction

Hi Tim,

Unidata support stands ready to help you with your set up of your LDM/IDD node. Could you use the following support address to contact our support group: address@hidden
for assistance.

Our support group is great and they will be able to assist you and provide recommendations to make a very efficient set up at UMD.

Thanks again for your interest in Unidata. We're eager to have you as an active member.


On 10/8/2013 8:31 PM, address@hidden wrote:
Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the welcome!  I'm looking forward to working with the
Unidata group.  I view our collaboration with Unidata as essential for
the growth of our new undergraduate program.  We've just begun our 3rd
year and we already have 50 majors.  Quite a few of them have asked for
more training in forecasting and weather data analysis. To give them a
chance at a job with the NWS, they need to be familiar with Unidata and
AWIPS II.  We've approached our college for funding to build a
forecasting/data analysis lab as well as purchasing a server that can
handle the LDM.  I've also asked for funds to purchase a smart
projection system and a few high end GPU systems that can be linked to
the projectors.  I think this will be a great way to foster group
discussions on forecasting, weather in general, and climate.  I'm
keeping my fingers crossed that we receive a positive response.  I will
be keeping my eyes out for announcement of the equipment awards and
I'll be sure to sign up to the email list.

    While I don't have very much forecasting experience I'm hoping to
learn.  All of my research has been using air quality/ climate, and
atmospheric chemical models to study composition. My goal is to build a
network of people in our area (students, staff, scientific public (NOAA
NCEP is a short walk from here)) that are interested in weather to form
a core group that will really help this take off.

     Thanks for your support!  It's very much appreciated and I look
forward to talking with you in the future.



Timothy Canty, PhD.
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  Professional Masters programs
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University of Maryland
College Park, MD

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