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[IDD #CQQ-768862]: Upgrade ldm

Hi Heather,

> Thanks for your help Tom.

No worries.

> I needed to delete and make a new queue and then I was able to start the ldm 
> again.

Very good.

> However, I am not getting any data!  I am doing an "ldmadmin watch" and 
> nothing.

OK.  Did you check to make sure that the system clock on the machine
you are running the newly rebuilt LDM is correct?

Also, if you are REQUESTing data from another machine in your control, did
you check the LDM log file on it to see what it has to say?

> My log file gives some errors that I don't really understand.
> I have attached them to this email.


The log file indicates that you built the LDM on your NOAAPort ingest
machine, noaapnew.  It further indicates that the NOAAPort portion
of the LDM build was not built, or not installed if it was built:

Sep 30 18:48:19 noaapnew ldmd[13672] ERROR: execvp: noaaportIngester: No such 
file or directory 

> Help!

Did you remember to include the '--with-noaaport' flag to configure
when you started the build process?  The errors indicate that the
combined ingester/product creator, noaaportIngester, was either
not built, not installed, or does not have execute permission.

I would do the build from scratch and see what happens.

NB: remember to include the '--with-noaaport' flag on the configure


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