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[IDD #VCD-819322]: FW: Clarification on how LDM, UCAR and Unidata can be used

Hi Mark,

> To who this may concern,
> My name is Mark Deans.  I have been looking through the
> 'www2.ucar.edu/terms-of-use' and the 'unidata' websites.  It is unclear
> to me the relationship between the two and I was hoping I could get some
> clarification on this.

The terms of use URL you include above is for the UCAR website, not
for Unidata products.

> Also, with this I have found LDM has a terms and use policy where they
> can be used for free and for any purposes.

Correct.  The LDM has/is been/being used by a variety of educational,
government and private sector entities around the world.

> In UCAR's terms of use
> it is very clear that it is meant for non-commercial,..etc purposes.

The LDM can be used for commercial purposes.  One must respect the
copyright included in the code, of course.

> The group I work with would like to utilize some of the data with LDM
> and unidata from NOAA.  For example the way I am understanding this is
> that the LDM distributing software is free but the data received is not.

The LDM software is free and open and its use is unrestricted.  Data relayed
by the LDM may or may not be free and/or open.  For instance, WSI (now part
of The Weather Company) uses the LDM to deliver USPLN lightning data
to its users/customers.  University users get the data free-of-charge
after signing an agreement to not redistribute the data in any form.
Commercial entities pay WSI for the USPLN lightning data.  There are
other examples of sites using the LDM to move data among their own
community/site; Johnson Space Center is a good example of a site that
uses the LDM extensively to move data within NASA but not to outside

> Any direction for this would be greatly appreciated.

I am not sure that I answered you satisfactorily.  If you would explain
your intent in using the LDM, we could comment appropriately.


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