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[IDD #CQQ-768862]: Upgrade ldm

Hi Heather,

> Randy wants me to upgrade the ldm on our noaaport machines.  I  am
> guessing I need to do the same thing on both machines?

The LDM does not need to be upgraded in tandem; newer LDMs are backwardly
compatible with newer versions.

> I have never
> done this before, Martha had always done it in the past.  Is there a
> set of instructions that you can send me?

The best source of information on installing/upgrading an LDM is the 
LDM webpages:

Unidata HomePage

  Software -> LDM


      Installing, Configuring, and Activating the LDM System

Follow the instructions in:

Installing from -> Source code


- you will need 'root' capability to fully install the LDM
- but, do NOT do the LDM installation as 'root', and never
  run the LDM as 'root' !!!!!

The LDM build/install process will ask you for the 'root' password
at two points (or sudo if you don't have 'root'); that is where
the 'root' access is needed.

> Also, we have not upgraded for two years: Martha upgraded to version 6.9.8
> in June of 2011.  I see the latest version is 6.11.6, do we need to do
> an incremental update or can I just update once to the current version?

No, you can upgrade directly.


The process is to build and install the LDM while the previous version
is still running.  When the build/install is complete (and correct),
one cuts over to the newly built version by stopping the LDM; changing
the runtime link to point to the newly built version; and then starting
(the new) LDM:

<as 'ldm' after the new version has been built and installed>
cd ~ldm
ldmadmin stop
rm runtime && ln -s ldm-6.11.6 runtime
ldmadmin start

The process will be much the same on your machine that is running
the NOAAPort ingest, but you will need to specify the --with_noaaport
option to configure at the first step.

> Thanks, I appreciate your help!

No worries.


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