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[LDM #GXI-553029]: LDM move

Hi Bongchul,

> Hope that this email find you well.

I am well, thanks!  I trust you are as well...

> I recently noticed that we are getting many partially-missed (incomplete)
> Level II data, especially when it is raining (the data size and number of
> pieces are bigger and more).

Are you seeing indications of problems in your LDM log file 
If yes, what are those indications?

Also, how do you determine that you are missing pieces?  It could be the case
that your action for putting together all of the "chunks" is not working
correctly?  I can send you an overview of how we save and then re-assemble
the Level II pieces into a full volume scan if you like (please check for
problems in the LDM log file first).

> These incomplete Level II data significantly affect the quality of our 
> rainfall
> products.

We understand.

> Did you ever hear the same issue from other Level II users?

No, we have not heard this from any other Level II recipient lately.


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