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[IDD #WKN-228134]: Replacement for stokes?

Hi Joseph,

> We were using stokes.ou.edu as an alternate upstream host until it went
> down this past June. I haven't seen any update on it's status on the
> ldm-users mailing list since then, so I thought I would check on it's
> status. Has there been a replacement for this machine set up? If so, would
> you let me know the machine name? If not, could we arrange for a new
> alternate host?

Unfortunately, OU has not informed let us know if they have replaced
re-established IDD datastream relay functions on a new machine to replace
stokes.  A quick look at machines reporting IDD statistics to us:

Unidata HomePage

  Projects -> Internet Data Distribution

    IDD Current Operational Status

      Statistics by Host

shows a number of machines running and LDM and reporting statistics to
us from the ou.edu domain.  The one that looks most promising as a
stokes replacement seems to be somldm.metr.ou.edu:


This machine may or may not be intended for downstream data provision.
The best way to find out is to write the LDM/IDD contact at OK:

Dr. Mark Laufersweiler

You can test to see if somldm.metr.ou.edu is configured to ALLOW your
LDM/IDD feed REQUEST(s) using the LDM 'notifyme' utility:

<as 'ldm' on ldm2.nacse.org>
notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h somldm.metr.ou.edu

If this 'notifyme' invocation indicates that you are not ALLOWed to
REQUEST data from this OU machine, then sending Mark an email is
in order.  If OU is no longer operating an LDM/IDD relay node, then
please try a REQUEST to either/both of the following toplevel relay
nodes operated by Unidata community participants:

Texas A&M

Penn State

Again, the easiest way to test to see if you are ALLOWed to REQUEST
data is to run the LDM 'notifyme' utility as I indicated above.

> Our primary LDM machine is ldm.nacse.org, with
> freshair.atmos.washington.edu as it's primary and stokes.ou.edu as it's
> alternate.
> Our backup LDM machine is ldm2.nacse.org and has aeolus.ucsd.edu as it's
> primary host. This machine is set up to create a rotating archive and use
> an independent data path, although it's been functioning as an alternate
> host for our primary machine since stokes went down.
> Regards,
> Joseph
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