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[IDD #TSO-178323]: 20120927: need to change LDM/IDD feed REQUEST ASAP

Hi Brian,

> I followed your instructions to switch my feed but notice in the logs that
> the connection is being refused by both sites.

Both of the upstream sites that I recommended should ALLOW your feed
REQUEST **IF** there is both forward and reverse DNS for your machine.
A quick check to see if this is the case shows that it is not:

% nslookup ldm.oce.usda.gov

** server can't find ldm.oce.usda.gov: NXDOMAIN

Since the machines at NSF have been turned off, I can't check to see if
we "hardwired" an ALLOW for ldm.oce.usda.gov (meaning either adding
an ALLOW by IP or creating an entry in /etc/hosts that sets a hostname
for your IP address).

Can you check with your network folks to see if they can setup
full DNS for your machine?

This would open up several possibilities for upstream feed sites.

> Sorry it took so long for me to notice this.

No worries.

> Do you have any advice?

As soon as there is both forward and reverse DNS for your machine,
your LDM/IDD REQUEST(s) will be honored by either idd.meteo.psu.edu
or idd.tamu.edu.  If, for some reason, it is not possible to have
full DNS setup, we will have to work with the upstream site(s) to
create a hardwired exception that will ALLOW you to REQUEST data.
We do not like doing this because this "solution" is brittle.


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