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[IDD #TSO-178323]: 20120927: need to change LDM/IDD feed REQUEST ASAP

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the slow reply... we are right in the middle of hosting training
workshops this week (and half of next week), and it has been hard to attend
to pending support issues.

> Unfortunately the machine can't be made available to public DNS's.  It is
> only registered with our internal DNS.

This is unfortunate.

> [ldm@ldm2 ~]$ nslookup ldm.oce.usda.gov
> Server:
> Address:
> Name:   ldm.oce.usda.gov
> Address:
> I believe the machine was hardwired for ALLOW on the previous setup.  I
> have control over the firewall but suspect that wouldn't help in making
> the machine more visible.

No it wouldn't.  Reverse DNS (IP->fully qualified name) is the setup that
makes thing much easier and less brittle.

> Can you hardwire even if it is undesirable or advise on another solution?

We can hardware something (or work with another high level relay site
to do the same), but we won't be able to attend to it today); sorry.


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