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[IDD #ADD-845815]: Information

Hi Jesus,

re: workshop time here at the UPC
> Dont worry about it, a lot of work and i understand it.

Things always seem to get pretty crazy around here during training workshops...

> Thank you for all your help by
> the way.  Yeah, when i said chek it was about to install IDV, already did.  
> It helped me
> to get some doubts clear.

Very good.

> In another way i have to make some calculus with the data
> " Well cause i have to get the data and export it to an .txt. And make some 
> operations
> > > with it ((n1,n2,n3)/3 promedium its the word?). "

If you get the data you want/need in netCDF format, there are a number of tools
available that can be used to manipulate the data in the files.  Writing the
data from a netCDF file to a '.txt' file (presumably ASCII text) is easily done
using netCDF utilities or a variety of packages (not written by us) some of
which are listed on the netCDF pages:

Unidata HomePage

  Software -> netCDF

    Documentation and Training

      A list of software and other interfaces for manipulating or displaying 
netCDF data

Aside from the packages listed in the above (which we do not provide support 
the Jython scripting capability included with the IDV can be used to manipulate 
and ("make some calculus") write it out to ASCII text files.  Jython is a Java
enabled version of the Python scripting language.

> Im using panoply (Nasa), it shows me the data like an array with all the data 
> (it feeds
> the images). Theres an image adjunted, check it. Did you have a program or a 
> module of
> IDV what makes calculus with it.

Jython procedures can be used to manipulate image, grid, etc. data.

> Like a average (this it the word i was trying to
> explain). With matlab prob i will, but isnt easy to get the data because its 
> more manual

Averaging image/grid data is easy in the IDV.

> You didnt say anything about the job :P! Say aint so, that face was only a 
> joke ( :-) )
> and you have job for me in the future. Hahaha

Unfortunately, the job market is tight all over, so we do not have any job
openings here in Unidata :-(


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