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[LDM #QXS-738090]: ldm questions

Hi Mike,

> Thanks for the suggestions, will make those changes ASAP.

Excellent, thanks!

> I've heard back from the IT folks, it turns out that our weather2 machine is
> one of 120+ virtual machines that share two 1G network connections!
> That must be the main source of our latency problem.

Yes, but I am betting that a large part of the problem is requesting so
much data on single feed REQUESTs.  Splitting the feeds should help with

> I had no idea this
> is how things were set up for us, the college has taken over our IT support
> and consolidated everything.  I'm going to see if we can go back to having
> our own servers in the building on our own network, or if we can get some
> dedicated server/network at the college data center.

Very good.

> Thanks again, talk to you later!

No worries.  We may be talking about your observation of having two
copies of the same imagery but with different names in a directory
used by NAWIPS, since splitting the feed REQUESTs should have no
effect on duplicate pattern-action file actions.


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