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[IDD #ADD-845815]: Information

Hi Jesus,

> I apologize for my rock'age english, isnt good.

No worries.  Your English is better than my Spanish :-)

> No worries, actually im so
> happy to have a positive response. About the data i mentioned in the last
> email, i have a link in my favorite sites.

To be clear, I asked you what data you are trying to access to see if
it is a data holding that we have anything to do with.

> This is it: http://rda.ucar.edu/datasets/ds608.0/I

This site is maintained by the CISL group of NCAR, not Unidata.  Given
this, we will not be able to help you very much.  What I can do is
advise you who to contact:

Chi-Fan Shih <address@hidden>
+1 303-497-1833

Chi-Fan should be able to help you to get subsets of the data available
on the page you referenced.

> need to make some cuts
> because i only need some variables and the size of the data is huge. My
> resources aren't enough to store all the data.  I have a basic knowledge in
> Java, C#, HTML, PHP, CSS. I use Visual Studio 10 and Netbeans to make some
> programs, WebServices, etc. but its way to different administrative stuffs
> vs scientific knowledge. I need to configure the environment to see the grid
> and some variables (matlab 2008b 1st Option), i don't know if you have some
> docs step by step to configure it (Like a common book programing for
> dummies, something like that).

We (Unidata Program Center/UCAR) do not have the documentation for the data
available on CISL's RDA website.  Chi-Fan should be able to help you get
the documentation you need/want.

> If it can be configured in java, i saw
> something like OPenDAP with NetCDF, with libraries but how i call all of
> those libraries?. For Example:
> import javax.swing.JOptionPane; (hypotetical example)
> There's a easy way like .exe to configure it? or maybe u can make a remote
> connection with my pc (Well thats to much for an ask stranger, isnt ur job i
> know, i'm just giving ideas) because this wont help me in future occasions, i
> really want to learn how. Well, we are in touch (I don't know if u said that
> way, i'm trying to say we are in communication).

I am not sure that Chi-Fan or others in CISL will be willing or able to help
you develop programmatic access to the data, but it can't hurt to ask.

> Have a nice day Tom.

Thanks.  You too.  I am sorry that we (Unidata) can not be of more help to


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