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[IDD #HUN-511239]: Access to CONDUIT

Hi Knut,

I want to apologize for not getting back to you before now on your

> We would like to test the retrieval of ncep data using the LDM software
> and CONDUIT. Is it possible for you to open up access for us?

We are willing to do this for a limited amount of time.  We will not,
however, be able to feed you after the test because we are funded to
help educational, not private institutions.  The only exception to this
rule is if/when there is a measurable benefit to the Unidata community
from the participation of the non-standard institution.

> We are
> mainly interested in the GFS global forecasts, but are also interested
> in further exploring the data sets available, and the stability of the
> data delivery.

OK.  The IDD has been the primary method of real-time data access for
the Unidata community for over 15 years.  We believe that this attests
to its stability/usability.

> The server we are testing with is located behind a firewall, not sure
> how this will affect things,

Your firewall will need to be setup to allow outgoing requests on port
388.  This is typically the way that firewalls are setup, but we have
seen a number of instances (mainly for government or military sites)
where this is not the case.

> but incoming requests will be coming from
> the following IP address:

The typical requirement for participating in LDM/IDD reception/redistribution
of data that there is both forward and reverse DNS for the machines running
the LDM.  This can be worked around on the upstream site (e.g., by adding
an ALLOW based on the downstream's IP address or by fabricating an IP to
name mapping in the /etc/hosts file), but it causes more work for the
upstream system administrator and is more brittle.

> Please contact me if you need further information.


- have you installed the LDM on your test machine?

- are you willing to ALLOW access to the LDM your test

  This would require leaving in the catch-all ALLOW for
  machines from the unidata.ucar.edu domain AND configuration
  of your firewall to allow inbound connections on port 388.

- what sort of time range did you have in mind for testing?


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