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[IDD #CQT-289482]: pqact.config file

Hi Brian,

I hope that things are going well for you in your "new" (no longer new,
I know) job!

> My engineers are building several new NOAAPORT systems for a client and
> they want to use LDM as the data/product distribution method.

Very good.

> However,
> we believe that our copy of the pqact.config file may be out of date.
> In fact, the last copy that I can find was from 1999:
> http://weather.unisys.com/wxp/ldm/pqact.conf
> Could you point me to a resource where we could get an updated copy of
> this file to perform a cross reference with ours?

The thing about LDM pattern-action files is that there is no standard.
The set of actions that a site implements completely depends on what
the site wants to do.  Since we don't know what your objective is, we
can not comment on what you have in your pqact.conf pattern-action

One thing I have to ask is if your NOAAPort ingest system classifies
products into existing LDM/IDD datastreams.  The pattern-action file
that the URL points to above seems to indicate that it does.  The question
is if it does this in the exact same way that our NOAAPort ingest system
does?  If the answer is yes, then I do have one comment:

I do not see any actions for products in the NGRID feed.  NGRID is the
feed we use for nwstg2 model output (which is all in GRIB2 format).

The list of LDM/IDD datastreams that get populated by our NOAAPort ingest
package is:

HDS        - lower resolution model output almost exclusively in GRIB1 format
IDS|DDPLUS - global observational data
NGRID      - higher resolution model output exclusively in GRIB2 format
NIMAGE     - GOES satellite imagery
NEXRAD3    - NEXRAD Level 3 products

Something to note:

- NEXRAD3 is the name we now use for NEXRAD Level 3 products.  We used to
  use NNEXRAD (and before that NEXRAD), but we changed the name to NEXRAD3
  to distinguish the feed from the NEXRAD2 feed which is NEXRAD Level 2
  data which is full volume scan data from the NEXRADs

So, the question is if the UNISYS NOAAPort ingest system is classifying the
various products in the NOAAPort SBN in the exact same way as the Unidata
ingest package?


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