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[LDM #BBH-396831]: nullproc_6 failure to rainbow.al.noaa.gov


> Weather.mscd.edu has been unable to connect to rainbow.al.noaa.gov. I believe 
> this is due to our preparations for changing the domain name.  msudenver.edu 
> is now in our DNS and possibly breaking the reverse look-up.
> $ nslookup
> Server:
> Address:
> Non-authoritative answer:
>    name = weather.msudenver.edu.
>    name = weather.mscd.edu.
> Please add  weather.msudenver.edu as an allowed host.

We can't add an ALLOW entry for "weather.msudenver.edu" to the LDM on 
"rainbow.al.noaa.gov" because we don't control that LDM. 
"weather.msudenver.edu" is, however, already allowed to connect to the LDM on 
"idd.unidata.ucar.edu" -- providing DNS resolution works correctly.

Do you want us to add an ALLOW entry for

> Thanks,
> Chris Kimmett
> --
> Christopher Kimmett
> Unix Systems Administrator
> School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
> Metropolitan State College of Denver
> address@hidden | 303.556.3932

Steve Emmerson

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