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[IDD #SVQ-893979]: upstream data-feeds

Hi Tony,

> Since the previous email was received, our server has been moved to
> another location.  The IP address may have changed (,
> though I don't remember what it was before, but the name remains the
> same (unidata.rc.usf.edu).  I am sending this email, because the machine
> is no longer able to access the datastream servers.

See below.

> I pasted the output
> of the "notifyme" utility below.  I am hoping that it is just a matter
> of updating the access list for those machines.  If you need anymore
> information, please let me know.
> notifyme -vl- -h idd.cise-nsf.gov
> Jan 30 19:20:06 notifyme[18789] NOTE: Starting Up: idd.cise-nsf.gov:
> 20120130192006.341 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
> Jan 30 19:20:06 notifyme[18789] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class:
> 20120130192006.341 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
> Jan 30 19:20:06 notifyme[18789] INFO: Resolving idd.cise-nsf.gov to
> took 0.023776 seconds
> Jan 30 19:20:06 notifyme[18789] ERROR: NOTIFYME(idd.cise-nsf.gov): 7:
> Access denied by remote server
> notifyme -vl- -h idd.unidata.ucar.edu
> Jan 30 19:21:48 notifyme[18796] NOTE: Starting Up: idd.unidata.ucar.edu:
> 20120130192148.775 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
> Jan 30 19:21:48 notifyme[18796] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class:
> 20120130192148.775 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
> Jan 30 19:21:48 notifyme[18796] INFO: Resolving idd.unidata.ucar.edu to
> took 0.02279 seconds
> Jan 30 19:21:48 notifyme[18796] ERROR: NOTIFYME(idd.unidata.ucar.edu):
> 7: Access denied by remote server

The reason for the denial is the lack of _both_ forward and reverse DNS for
your machine.  The following 'nslookup' invocations demonstrate the lack of

Name to IP works:

% nslookup unidata.rc.usf.edu

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   unidata.rc.usf.edu

IP to name does NOT work:

% nslookup

** server can't find NXDOMAIN

It is the IP to name DNS that is needed by the LDM since the
IP address of the machine requesting data is included in the
data REQUEST, and the LDM on the upstream machine needs to be
able to translate that IP into a fully-qualified hostname
which can be checked against ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf ALLOW rules.

As soon as both forward and reverse DNS is available for your
machine, the 'notifyme' invocations below will work.  Please
contact your networking folks to get the DNS issue resolved.


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