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[IDD #XEC-244748]: Information about LDM

Hi Aaron,

I apologize for the slow response to your inquiry below.  The week
before last we were busily preparing for the AMS annual meeting in
New Orleans; last week we were at the meeting...

> My name is Aaron Hurley, and am an aircraft dispatcher for Frontier
> Airlines.  We are seeking FAA EWINS certification and are interested
> in finding out if LDM software would be feasible for such requirements.
> I personally used GEMPAK and NMAP2 at Purdue University while pursuing
> my meteorology degree, so I am familiar with said programming.  We have
> some specific questions, which would be very useful in determining if
> we are able to use all things entailed.

OK, ready...

> First, and perhaps most importantly, we would need to know of any
> subscription cost required for the data download.

We, the Unidata Program Center of UCAR, maintain the North American Internet
Data Distribution system (IDD) primarily in support of U.S. universities.
We are not funded by NSF to support commercial entities such as Frontier
Airlines directly.  This does not mean, however, that one or more universities
may be interested in working with you to obtain a real-time feed of 
atmospheric science-related data.

> Along with the data download, what are the system requirements necessary
> for storing the data?

The requirements for storing data depend on the individual site.  The site
that is not interested in creating an archive/near-term archive will need
significantly less disk resource than the site that wants to create/maintain
a mid to long-term archive.

> What sort of infrastructure will be required for
> the download (just internet, or is there a satellite dish required)?

It may be advantageous for you to maintain your own satellite-based
data reception facility.  To do this you can use a package that we
developed, or you can contract with a commercial vendor.  Software
that we develop is free-of-charge, but non-core institutions (i.e.,
non-university users) are not guaranteed the level of service that
we provide to university folks.

> With the software, I saw that Unidata provides tech-support.  What sort
> of IT/personnel do we need to keep things running from our end?

It is our experience that little manpower is needed to keep systems that
have been correctly and fully installed running.  The ideal site "techie"
is a person that has a good understanding of *nix (Unix/Linux) system
operation and support.

> Also, is there any specific training that they require?

A large number of sites have adopted use of the software we develop
without attending training workshops.  Lots of sites choose to 
do the initial setup/configuration of packages and then attend a
training workshop to "round out" their knowledge.

> What would the cost of said training be, if it is necessary?

We charge $50 for each training session attended (e.g., $50 for GEMPAK
training; $50 for LDM training, etc.).

> Along with the programs used, the FAA requires operating manuals for
> the programs.  Are there hard copies available that we may review?

No.  All documentation that we support is available electronically
online.  We believe that this is the correct way to make information
available since it can be easily and rapidly as needed.  Of course,
users can choose to print out the online documentation if they wish.

> How are updates accomplished for the programs?

Each application that we support has its own update schedule. There is
no attempt to update different packages on the same timeline.

> Does someone need to
> come out and install said update, or are they all simple updates that
> can be done by the average user?

There is no need for a site visit by us.  All updates can be accomplished
by sufficiently capable personnel at user sites.

> I appreciate your time and thank you in advance for responding.

No worries.  Again, I apologize for the tardiness in this reply.

> Also,
> if there is a preferred number for contacting you, please let me know.
> Feel free to email me in return, or call me on my cell at 317-457-4654.

We _greatly_ prefer to do all support via email.  In addition, it is our
policy to make all user-UPC support interactions available for viewing
by all.  We do this by HTMLizing replies we make to inquiries, and then
letting web robots discover the replies.  Of course, we delete or mask
sensitive site information (email addresses, etc.) before letting web
robots walk our responses.

> Thanks again,

No worries.


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