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[Support #CDS-152702]: request for LDM data feed

> Hello Jeff Weber,

Hello Susan, 

> We're currently receiving feeds from idd.unidata.ucar.edu to
> flightrisk.meas.ncsu.edu . We'll be bringing a new server on line soon,
> measwx.meas.ncsu.edu , and ask that it be allowed to receive.
> I'll let you know when we decommission flightrisk.

Very good..I see that currently does not support both forward and 
reverse DNS resolution, so that will need to take place. We have the "allows" in
place for the new machine, so once DNS is resolved, all should be good :)

> I saw a post from 2009 that you can also feed us FNMOC, so if that's still
> OK, I'll skip trying to find who to contact at navy.mil .

Yes, we deliver the FNMOC model output (NOGAPS and COAMPS) and we have added 
that to your "allows". Please let us know if you need and help crafting a 
request line...unless you are going to just slurp it all in with a .* :)

> thanks much
> -sj
> Susan Jane Curtis
> Computer Consultant
> Department Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
> NC State University
> 3150 Jordan Hall - Box 8208
> Raleigh NC 27695
> 919.515.2609


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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