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[IDD #WDG-304238]: Question about accessing LDM data during our upcoming ISP transition

> Greetings!

Greetings Robert, 

> We are currently an LDM customer, but we are planning on changing ISP
> in the near future which would change the public facing IP, which we
> currently have registered with UCAR, that our LDM source requests would
> be coming from.

Can you please tell us what your current IP and/or machine name is and 
what machine(s) you are feeding from so we make sure we do not miss anything :)

> Is there any way we would be able to request having a second public
> facing IP address added to UCAR list of our permitted IPs, until our ISP
> transition was completed, so that we wouldn't encounter any substantial
> LDM data feed loss during the transition?

This should not be a problem, we often use this strategy during machine or ISP
transitions to allow for some overlap while things stabilize. The same 
will exist for the new IP i.e.forward and reverse DNS, and network 

> Please feel free to call me directly via my mobile (listed below) if
> you need any additional details from us.
> Best Regards,
> Robert Gordon
> Director, Systems & Operations
> Precision Wind Inc.

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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