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[IDD #FTW-599360]: IDD access

Hi Will, 

Yes, you will see non .edu sites participating in the LDM/IDD. We, the Unidata 
Program Center, do NOT feed data to anyone outside the research or education 
domains. Universities are allowed to pass on any non-proprietary data 
(lightning, ACARS, and others are restricted from any redistribution) to anyone 
they wish to work with. There are some sites that are willing to pass on data 
to non research and education sites, some desire a quid pro quo depending upon 
the volume and nature of the data request. We, the Unidata Program Center, can 
help guide you to sites that ~may be willing to do so, and it would help us 
help you if we knew where you were located and what possible datasets you 
desire..is it solely NCEP model output, and are there particular models, 
domains, and resolutions you desire?


Jeff Weber

> I'm interested in receiving NCEP model output as it becomes available,
> and the Unidata IDD seems to be the best way to accomplish that goal.
> The LDM FAQ indicates that I must be a Unidata member university to
> participate, but some of the IDD topology data (and mailing list
> activity) seems to include non-educational, non-governmental hosts.
> Could you clarify the IDD access policy?
> Thanks,
> --Will Glynn
> Will Glynn, LLC

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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