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[IDD #YKO-702467]: idd.unidata down

Hi Daryl,

> It appears at least my node on idd.unidata is not responding this morning.
> Oct 25 12:52:24 metfs1 idd.unidata.ucar.edu[27665] ERROR: Disconnecting
> due to LDM failure; Couldn't connect to LDM on idd.unidata.ucar.edu using
> either port 388 or portmapper; : RPC: Remote system error - Connection
> refused
> From: metfs1.agron.iastate.edu

I believe that this failure may have been due to one of the nodes being
taken out of service (but I'll have to check further).  I see that there
are now 2 active connections on another node to metfs1.agron.iastate.edu:

Oct 25 06:52:46 uni14 metfs1.agron.iastate.edu(feed)[24700] NOTE: topo:  
metfs1.agron.iastate.edu {{NEXRAD2, (.*)}}
Oct 25 06:52:46 uni14 metfs1.agron.iastate.edu(feed)[24699] NOTE: topo:  
metfs1.agron.iastate.edu {{CONDUIT, (.*)}}

There are no other log entries mentioning metfs1 on this machine... this
is typically an indication that things are running smoothly.


- are you still seeing the connection problem?

- do you have ldmd.conf REQUESTs for feeds other than

> Please consider upgrading IDD ldm to 6.10.1 as well :)

We upgrade the LDM on cluster nodes periodically.


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