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[IDD #YKO-702467]: idd.unidata down

Hi Daryl,

re: do you REQUESTs other than for NEXRAD2 and CONDUIT

> Yeah, I have three connections, the one kept failing.  It started at
> 11:42Z this morning and kept failing until I went back to my wisc.edu
> feed by restarting LDM around 13z.  It appears to be okay now.

I just saw a couple of RPC: Timed out messages in the LDM log file on
the node that was feeding you NEXRAD2 and CONDUIT.  Even though these
could have been caused by you restarting the LDM on metfs1, I decided
to restart the LDM (the 'ldmadmin restart' is in progress as I write

re: what other feed REQUESTs

OK, thanks.

> 6.8.0 is over 2 years old :)

Yes, but it still works fine.


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