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[Staging #UZJ-483180]: Greetings from Costa Rica

Hi Oscar,

> How are you?, I hope you're well and the staff of UNIDATA I wrote you
> because, I want to tell you about three things.

I am well, thanks!

re: generation of satellite images from IDV scripts and request for
jython resources

I moved these items into an IDV inquiry since Yuan and/or Julien are
the appropriate people to respond.

> The weather service of Venezuela can get access to the
> information through LDM?, and if this is possible, What they need to
> get access?

Yes, they can participate in the IDD.  The question is who should feed
them?  We (Unidata Program Center) typically do not feed non-university
entities, especially operational ones, since this is not our mission.
The exception to this rule is when feeding such entities provides a
measurable benefit to the Unidata community.  This is the case, for
instance for INPE/CPTEC in Brazil. Unidata sites, on the other hand,
are free to feed others.  All we require is that both/all participants
in these activities abide by the WMO Resolution 40 restrictions on
the data that is covered by WMO Resolution 40.  Universities do not
have to worry about WMO Resolution 40 since this resolution explicitly
allows for the use of restricted data for educational use.

> I send you a picture that I took you in  Rocky Mountain I hope you
> like.

The picture is very nice!  Thanks for sending it along.

> One more thing say hello to the staff of UNIDATA especially to Steve,
> Yuan Ho, Tina, Ginger, and Michael. I'm very grateful with UNIDATA
> because this project is very important for me and is becoming a reality
> thanks to what I learned in the workshop

I will say Hi to everyone for you when I see them today.

> PD
> Remember when you want to come to Costa Rica you are welcome, my house is
> your house.

Thanks, I won't forget.


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