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[Datastream #RAY-693177]: Archived Forecast Model Data

Hi again William,

> NCDC does have a model archive that I will be using but it only goes back to
> 2004. While this is adequate, I was wondering if I could find a place that had
> an archive that went back a little further.

It is possible that a Unidata community member has been archiving the type
of data you are interested in.  I suggest that you post your request to
the address@hidden email list that we maintain and see if anybody
can help you out.

NB: Before one can post to any email list that we maintain, s/he must first
subscribe to the list.  This helps keep spam out of the lists.

You can (un)subscribe to any email list that we maintain at:

Unidata HomePage
    Use our topical mailing lists to query experts in the Unidata community

Click on the Subscribe tab in the last page above and subscribe to the
needdata list.  Make sure that you have received confirmation of your
subscription before posting your data request.

> When I was researching other
> options I came across the unidata site and read that their archives went back
> to 1991. I thought it might only include satellite data but I figured I would
> ask to clarify.

It never hurts to ask!  :-)


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