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[IDD #XEM-791908]: LDM Server and GFS

Hi Reymer,

> I hope that you be OK, I need a favor, can you give me access to
> another server running LDM, but not from the unidata.ucar.edu domain?


> Right now I have a LDM running over Internet2, and it works!
> But we have a trouble with the connection over Internet1 through
> unidata.ucar.edu,  because some guys are making changes on the
> University firewall.
> Can you help please?

Yes, we can help.  Please provide again the fully qualified name and
IP address(es) of the machine(s) you want to be able to connect to
a different upstream server, and we will setup the appropriate ALLOW
for you to get the datastreams you need.  My first thought is to
set you up to feed from idd.cise-nsf.gov.  I may, however, ask a Unidata
site to add an ALLOW for your machine.

> Another doubt, how I can get data from the Global Forecast System?

There is GFS data in the NGRID and CONDUIT data feeds.  Please be aware
that the CONDUIT datastream is _very_ high volume, and that volume is
dominated by the GFS model data (CONDUIT contains both 1 degree and 0.5
degree global GFS fields).  To get an idea of the volumes of the various
datastreams, do a Cumulative Volume Summary for any top level IDD relay
node.  For instance:

Unidata HomePage


    Real-Time IDD statistics

      Statistics by Host

From the last page, click on the link for either idd.unidata.ucar.edu or
idd.cise-nsf.gov, and then click on the Cumulative Volume Summary on
the lower left.

> Thanks again.

No worries.  We will do the necessary ALLOW configuration(s) as soon as
we get the fully qualified name/IP of the machine(s) you want to be
able to request data.


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