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[IDD #JZM-551600]: Is the SUNY NLDN feed down?

Hi Mike,

> I am indeed ingesting lightning data from Vaisala, but it's not
> any use to us so far as it's in some sort of weird binary compressed
> format.

Interesting.  Because you said this before, I asked David Knight
if he knew anything about the format of the data.  He told me that
it should be in the same format as what they always got.  I am
under the impression that this is the same as the format that was
resent in the IDD NLDN (now called LIGHTNING) feed, but I will check
to make sure (and let you know what I found).

> Vaisala was supposed to switch it to ascii and still hasn't done
> this.  So, my code is very simple as it's just stuffing the data into a
> single file.


> #!/usr/bin/perl
> $pid=fork();
> if($pid == 0){
> # start up ssh
> exec("ssh -l uofa03 -L 12345:");
> exit(0);
> }
> else{
> #save data to file
> sleep 5;
> $date=`date -u +%Y%m%d`;
> chop($date);
> print "$date\n";
> $fn="~lightning/$date.lightning";
> if ( -e $fn ){
> `nc localhost 12345 >> ~lightning/$date.lightning`;
> }
> else{
> `nc localhost 12345 > ~lightning/$date.lightning`;
> }
> waitpid($pid,0);
> }

Thanks for the code.  I will give it a try later today to
see what I can see.


- why the fork?


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