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[LDM #FIG-575072]: How to get the full level 3 data feed minus ten products?

Hi Gilbert,

re: specify which products you do not want to get.  Please review the
LDM webpage on extended regular expressions:


> Hmmm, that's kinda cryptic to me, I need a few examples, but...
> I'd rather do this in ldmd.conf, since I do not want to use extra
> bandwidth for the purpose of what I want to do.

That is what I had in mind -- fashioning an extended regular expression
for a REQUEST line in ldmd.conf.  The "not" part of the web page was
what I had in mind.  I would need to sit down and test some patterns
in order to advise you on what to do.  I figured you were adventurous
enough to do the same.

> So, can I do something like this:
> request NEXRAD3 (^N0Q|NOU|etc) site.name

Actually, no.  The carat here means beginning.  A carat as the first
character of a '[]' clause means not.  So, [^0123] means not 0 or
1 or 2 or 3, etc.

> I don't think so...because I don't think the LDM supports PIL's in product
> requests...right?

You can include any portion of the product ID in the REQUEST extended regular

Got to run and catch a train now (I'm in Jerez Spain heading for Madrid at 


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