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[IDD #JZM-551600]: Is the SUNY NLDN feed down?

Hi Mike,

re: Did Vaisala provide the professor with good documentation on the format?
I assume yes...

> I haven't heard from her.  I did try to 'look' at the data.  It's some
> sort of binary/compressed format.

OK.  The original format was also a simple binary, but not compressed.

re: cessation of satellite broadcast
> I have heard through the grapevine here some time ago that this was
> coming.  I think I may of even emailed Unidata when I heard this (more
> than a year ago???).

If you did (and I am not saying that you didn't), I don' remember the
exchange.  I am not sure that it would have mattered, however, since
SUNYA is the group that has the relationship with Vaisala, not Unidata.

> I know this is probably on the web page somewhere, but I'm lazy.  I assume
> that the WSI lightning data integrates into the ldm/gempak/garp
> seamlessly and that it wouldn't be a big deal to switch.

Right.  Same is true for McIDAS.

> Thanks Tom and long time no type!  I'm not that involved with
> ldm/gempak/mcidas these days as I'm doing lots of high resolution WRF
> modeling work.  Plus, our undergrad program has been history for 5 years
> or so.

It was good to "talk" to you.  Please dig me up if you ever get to Boulder!
We can go out for a beer or two...

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