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[IDD #FYD-939827]: reading data from LDM files saved without --overwrite

Hi Janine,

I drove the question you sent to the ldm-users email list into
our inquiry tracking system since I didn't see anyone chime in
with comments...

> I have been saving ACARS data off the LDM and just recently realized
> that I left off the -overwrite.

So, this resulted in multiple times being written into a single output
file, or did it result in multiple copies of the same reports being

What was your LDM pattern-action file action that FILEd the messages?

> Is there a way to read these files and extract the good data from the end?

Yes, if you have a program that understands the structure of the products
that were written into the file.

> Or is my only option to repopulate my archive from the MADIS archive?

I don't think that this should be needed.


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