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[IDD #UUK-983031]: help needed

Hi Heath,

> I have a client that is wanting 2 sets of data from ldm.  Could you
> please help me configure LDM to get this data for him?  Thanks.  Below
> is his request.
> 1)
> "2-The other issue is to implement IDD software to get radiosonde data
> from a single site just the like the KLIX radar data?

Since upper air observations are typically bundled together in WMO
bulletins, it is not possible to request a single station's report
from the IDD IDS|DDPLUS data feed.  We have never considered this
to be important since the total volume of the IDS|DDPLUS datastream
is relatively small.


- which upper air station is your user looking for?

> 2)
> We are currently getting radar data using LDM software. Based on the
> information I got from the LDM-unidata support team, we should be able
> to add few commands in LDM to stream the latest RUC model output files.
> I copy/paste the email that explains how to do it. Could you add these
> modification and start getting RUC model outputs as well.


- which RUC data is your user looking for?

For instance, the IDD HDS datastream contains RUC/RUC2 fields on several
different grids (e.g., 211, 236, 255) in GRIB format; the IDD NGRID
datastream contains RUC2 data on a different grid (e.g., 213) in GRIB2
format; and the IDD CONDUIT datastream contains RUC2 data in GRIB2 format.

The resolution of the RUC2 data in the CONDUIT datastream is the highest
resolution of all of these datastreams.  If you user is looking for
the 13 km RUC data, then s/he will need to request the data in CONDUIT.
Here is an example ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf REQUEST line that will get all
of the RUC data flowing in CONDUIT:

request  CONDUIT "RUC"  <upstream_feed_host>

Add this REQUEST line to the receiving LDM's ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file
and then restart your/your user's LDM, and the data should start


- replace <upstream_feed_host> with a valid, fully qualified name for
  an IDD node that is relaying CONDUIT data (e.g., idd.cise-nsf.gov,
  idd.unidata.ucar.edu, idd.meteo.psu.edu)

- verify that the upstream machine has ALLOWed your/your user's
  machine to request CONDUIT:

  ask the LDM/IDD administrator for the upstream machine to
  add the ALLOW

The next step after configuring your/your user's LDM to get the data
is deciding what to do with it.  This would be accomplished by the
appropriate addition of an action into a pattern-action file that
is setup to be used to process the data.


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