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[LDM #AIL-780971]: Fwd: TESAC NetCDF file

Hi Rich, 

We have been looking for FM 64 throughout our WMO feed, and have had no luck :(

Unidata/NOAAPort only gets a subset of the GTS, a subset that is deemed 
"operational" by the NWS.
I suspect ocean temps, salinity, and current are not considered required for 
operational use, and 
are therefore not included in the GTS feed brought to NOAAPort. I see NDBC is 
getting the data from
the GTS, so they must be enjoying a full feed, or a feed that includes the FM 
64 data. Unidata has 
for YEARS tried to get access to the full GTS data stream, to date we have not 
been successful.

Not sure what kind of agreement NDBC has with the WMO, but if they could feed 
us the GTS feed, we 
would fan it out :)

fyi: A VERY useful LDM tool to find data is the notifyme utility

used like this:

notifyme -vl - -h idd.unidata.ucar.edu -f WMO -p FM-64 -o 72000

verbose logging - local display - hostname (upstream feed or local, usually) 
feedtype - pattern - offset (in minutes)

You can -force- matching by using quotes i.e. "FM64"

Wish we had a different answer for you, 


> IDD/LDM Gurus,
> What lines would I need in my ldmd.conf file to get the ocean
> temperature and salinity data  from the IDD?  (WMO FM64 message type
> types)?
> -Rich

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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