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[CONDUIT #GAF-915792]: testing new additions to CONDUIT

Hi Art,

re: playing with NDFD product candidates for CONDUIT
> Sorry... it got lost in my sauce.  I connected last Thursday and note that
> some forecasts go out as far as 170 hours, but most are in the 50-70 hour
> time-frame.  I'm only filing the raw data at the moment...

Filing of the raw data products was my approach as well.  This allowed
us to check their decoding in GEMPAK/McIDAS and their direct use in the

> I'll try and
> fire up the decoder this week and take a little more detailed look at what
> they're sending.

OK, thanks.

> Is there anything in particular you'd like me to pay attention to?

The big question is if the mix of products currently being sent in the test
are useful enough to be included in CONDUIT.  My gut feeling is that some of
the products currently being sent are not all that useful/interesting for
sites, but I don't want to exclude them before getting CONDUIT users to
chime in.

For reference, I have attached a spreadsheet of information provided
by Brendon Hoch <address@hidden>.  Of particular interest to me
were Brendon's useful/not useful (y/n) evaluation of the various
products.  Can you take a look at Brendon's compilation and add your
own thoughts for the various products?  Thanks!


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