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[CONDUIT #GAF-915792]: testing new additions to CONDUIT

Hi Art,

Just checking in to see if you had a chance to play with any of the
NDFD grids that are candidates for addition to CONDUIT...

Recap and comments:

- the grids are available from the WOC machine in the EXP

- we have been ingesting them here at the UPC for over a week.  

- the products that are flowing in EXP typically have more than one
  GRIB2 message in them.  The eventual distribution in CONDUIT will
  be accomplished by processing through a routine Chiz wrote some time
  ago for CONDUIT.  That routine, gribinsert, splits the products
  into individual GRIB2 messages and creates a useful Product ID.
  The GRIB2 tables that it uses had to be updated to understand at
  least one of the products being sent in the test (Supercooled Large
  Droplet Icing or SIPD).

- we found that GEMPAK GRIB2 tables need to be updated to understand
  some of the products.  Michael is updating the GRIB2 tables in GEMPAK
  with the needed entries and will make them available in advance of
  the products going "live" in CONDUIT

- the volume of the new data is on the order of 1 GB/day


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