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[CONDUIT #QBE-263069]: testing new additions to CONDUIT

Hi Brendon,

I have attached an updated GEMPAK GRIB2 parameter file (g2varsncep1.tbl) for you
to use in your NDFD testing.  You should do the following to use this file:

- backup the existing version of g2varsncep1.tbl in your GEMPAK distribution:

  cd $GEMTBL/grid
  mv g2varsncep1.tbl g2varsncep1.tbl.bak
  -- copy the attached file to this directory

  NB: there is another file in this directory that looks like
  the new one: g2varsncep0.tbl.  If you do a long listing in
  the directory, you will see that g2varsncep0.tbl is a link
  to g2varsncep1.tbl.


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